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Karen Keyes is retiring at the end of 2023 and the firm is not taking new cases.

Arlington Divorce Attorney and Mediator

Attorney Karen Keyes

Divorce and family conflict can be emotional, stressful, and challenging. The way that you transition through your divorce and other family law matters will have an enormous impact on your life for many years to come. I am dedicated to helping you manage the conflict in a positive way by helping you make informed decisions, resolve issues, and move forward with your new life.

I am a licensed divorce attorney and an advanced family certified mediator with more than 25 years of experience serving clients who are going through separation and divorce in Virginia and the DC Metro area. My commitment is to help clients resolve issues without court intervention. My training in psychology, law, mediation, and collaborative divorce practice enables me to help clients work though issues and arrive at solutions that are best for the client and their family. Read more about Why I Became a Family Law Attorney and Mediator
When dealing with divorce, property division, support and/or child custody, litigation is rarely in my client’s best interest. Alternatives to litigation, such as mediation and collaborative divorce, should be considered and attempted before anyone files in court. The hostile and adversarial nature of litigation can generate conflict, which can then result in the deterioration of relationships over time. In the end, most cases that are filed are settled out of court. Why spend the energy and resources in a court case when it is not likely going to trial?

Mediation and collaborative divorce are two process options that offer you a different way of resolving a dispute. Instead of using a combative approach in court, I work with clients in a process that is consistent with their interests and goals. My clients:
  • are concerned about the costs – emotional and financial – of divorce;
  • do not feel comfortable having their personal issues resolved in a public court;
  • desire to reach a settlement that feels fair and respectful to both partners; and
  • care about the best interests of their children.
I help clients identify the questions that need to be answered, understand the law and legal information, generate options for resolution of the issues, and select the best option that is most consistent with their interests and needs.

The resolution does not have to be left to the court to decide. Frequently, a settlement can be more creative and more detailed in serving the needs of my clients. Having a settlement also makes it more likely to be able to resolve any follow-up issues out of court through negotiation, such as a modification to the settlement at a later date. Processes for Resolving Divorce Issues

How Collaborative Divorce can be different?
You need a professional who will provide compassion and offer solutions to minimize the tension, conflict, and damage to a family’s emotions and finances. I have spent my entire career developing skills and working with other professionals to assist clients in achieving creative resolution of complex legal issues outside of court. Please go to Getting Started and Contact Me to learn more about how I can help you.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator

Attorney Karen Keyes

Karen Keyes has been selected for inclusion in the 2023 edition of The Best Lawyers of America in the areas of Collaborative Law/Family Law and Family Law Mediation. Selection to Best Lawyers is based on a rigorous peer-review process.